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Honey Rose Facial Toner

*50% off while supplies last - please note the Best Before is August 2024*

A natural toner that calms and hydrates the skin while adding a classic, floral note. Reduces the signs of dry, aging skin while delivering an extra dose of hydrating honey and cleansing propolis.

Directions: After cleansing skin, splash toner on face with hands or apply with a cotton ball. Let dry and follow up with Let it Bee Hydrating Lotion or Night Cream.

Ingredients: distilled water, aloe vera juice, rose hydrosol, glycerin, pantothenic acid, honey, glucose, lactoperoxidase, glucose oxidase, bee propolis, hyaluronic acid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I picked one up at a honey shop in Vancouver, and I can’t believe how good it makes my skin feels! I pumped about 4 pumps and pat it on my face & eyes, let it fully absorbed. My skin doesn’t feel tight before putting moisturizer- which never happened to me because I have extremely dehydrated skin. I am a skincare junkie who loves to explore skincare products. I used to use high end brands loaded with all these chemicals, with over 25 years of exploration, I am now knowing I needed to put a product down if their ingredient lists keeps on and on. I am turning to natural products with quality like this toner! Don’t get me wrong, not all natural products deliver quality (I learned my lesson lately with another natural brand in the east coast). THIS TONER is a must-have!! I am forever fan of it! Thank you and please don’t stop making it!

Honey Rose Toner

I also decided to try one of your skin care products, the honey rose toner. Between wearing sunscreen all the time and sweating in this heat I find my face needs a good cleaning before bed but so many products are hard on my sensitive skin that is prone to hives and other rash-like symptoms since developing an auto-immune disorder of some kind. I’ve been using the toner every evening for about a week now and it hasn’t caused any allergic-type responses. A big YAY for that!