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Wildflower Seed Paper Planter Kit

Everything you need to plant bee-friendly flowers!  Included in each kit is a biodegradable planter bot, dehydrated soil puck, and outer paper shell embedded with bee-friendly wildflower seeds.

We recommend first planting your seed paper, and keeping the planter pot indoors in a sunny place, to allow sprouts to form (approx 4-7 days). 

Then, as the outer pot is entirely biodegradable, you can transplant the entire kit into the garden where your bee-friendly flowers will feed the bees.

*This kit includes enough additional seed paper to fill a 12 x 12 planter box once you're done planting the included pot.

Made in Canada.

Wildflower Seed Types: Catchfly, Sweet Alyssum, Snapdragon, Bird's Eye, Black Eyed Susan & Clarkia.

Directions: Remove seed paper wrapping & tear into smaller, plantable pieces.  Gradually moisten soil puck until it is damp and has expanded to almost fill the pot. Moisten the seed paper and plant under a very thin (1/8 inch) layer of moist soil.  Set in a sunny location and keep moist until seeds begin to sprout.  The whole biodegradable pot can then be re-planted outdoors.