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Small Group Presentation & Guided Visit (12 guests or less)

For groups of 12 or less


$33.00 – $88.00 per group

Aprox. Duration:

About this experience

This booking is for groups of 12 or less, offered at flat rate pricing. Ideal for large families or small parties.

This booking is paid per group at a flat rate.

We offer PowerPoint presentations at 3 levels of content depth to best suite your groups needs and interests.

  1. "Basically Bees" - Approx. 20mins - Great for all ages and those looking for a brief introduction on the different species of bees, the lifecycle of the honey bee, the bee dance, and the importance of bees and pollination.

  2. "The Amazing Honey Bee" - Approx. 45mins - Recommended ages 13+ - Includes all the information above, PLUS more advanced topics such as raising a new queen, swarms, drones, and the current plight of the honey bee.

  3. "All About Bees" - Approx. 1hour+ - Recommended ages 16+ - Our most in-depth and comprehensive presentation, recommended for adults young and old with a thirst for bee knowledge. This presentation covers all the topics above, PLUS all the products of the hive (Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis, and Mead), beekeeping, and any other questions or interests your group has regarding bees.

After your presentation, your tour guide will show you around the store, point out activities in the indoor observatory hive, advise on honey or mead tastings, and show you around the bee-friendly garden outside.

Each booking comes with a free honey stick for each guest!


Add a personalized 150g jar of our local wildflower honey to your booking for only $4.00 per person! (20% off retail)


  • Prices are flat rate per group only, maximum 12 guests.

  • Groups of 13 or more can book our "Large Group Presentation + Guided Visit" booking and pay per person.

  • There are lots of outdoor seating options, including two gazebos with picnic tables, ideal for a snack break or picnic.

  • If your desired date is already booked, please contact us and we may be able to find space for your group around our other bookings.