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Honey Tastings Now Zero Waste!

honey tasting samples

All of the taste, without of the waste!

During our honey tasting table's year long hiatus (thanks for that, COVID...) we took some time to think about how we could improve our waste and cleanliness for when we finally re-introduced sampling.

Our tasting table re-opened in July 2021 with new squeeze bottles, making double-dipping impossible and preventing contamination of samples.

In addition to our new container choice, we also wanted to eliminate as much of the unnecessary single use spoon or toothpicks from our system, as part of our commitment to sustainability.

While thousands of single use spoons and toothpicks used to be tossed in the landfill from honey tastings, we now have a closed loop / zero waste system! 

Honey tasting spoons are cleaned in our commercial dishwasher and sanitized to 150°f between uses.  Now that's a tasting station we can bee proud of!

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