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T-Shirt Sales to Support Honey Bee Research!

Save the Bees T Shirts  Bee Kind

Beginning June 15th 2021, with the sale of every Adult T-Shirt we will make a donation of $1 to support various Canadian charities working to support honey bee health and awareness! 

Recipients include:

Learn more about each charity and their work: Hives for Humanity | Friends of the Earth 'The Bee Cause' | Honeybee Research Centre | David Suzuki Foundation

Choose from our men's and women's t-shirts with sayings like 'Don't Kill my Buzz' and 'Bee Kind'.

Thank you for helping us support honey bee health across Canada! 

Browse our T-Shirt designs and help us on our mission to improve honey bee and pollinator health across our country!

In a world where you can be anything,
Bee Kind.