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Why is my Honey turning solid? Crystallization & how honey never spoils!

Why does honey crystallize and solidify?

Your liquid honey has sat for a few months, and now you're seeing small 'sugar' crystals at the bottom of the jar... what is happening & is it still safe to eat?

YES! Honey is actually the only food that doesn't spoil, however honey that is left at room temperature will eventually want to change to a solid state.

Firstly, crystallization is a natural, harmless process that does not affect the quality of your honey - in fact it is a sure sign that your honey is the real thing!

In understanding crystallization, it helps to know that the point at which honey changes from a liquid to a solid is anytime the temperature drops below 29°C (84°F). Some honey will transform faster than others, but essentially any liquid honey that remains below 29°C will eventually settle into a solid state.

So, unless you store your honey in a highly tropical climate above 29°, crystallization is inevitable.  Certain varieties of honey crystallize faster than others, while creamed honey is already solid therefor it never further hardens.

Luckily, a gentle warming to above 29° helps your honey return to liquid state once more - ready to be drizzled all over your favorite foods and into those warm beverages.

*To re-liquify, place your Honey in a warm water bath with temperatures between 30-45°C for a period of time until it returns to liquid. Microwaving is not recommended unless you will be baking your honey as these extreme temperatures pasteurize & damage the honeys' natural enzymes.