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Natural Honey Bar Soap

Locally-crafted in small batches using Planet Bee beeswax & pollen, our moisturizing all-natural soaps are offered in 3 relaxing and rejuvenating scents. 

Bee Sparkling - our original oatmeal & honey formula with the relaxing scents of rosemary and lavender.

Bee's Garden - awaken your senses with a lively blend of citrus and mint essential oils.

Bee Wonderful - with an exfoliating texture and cedarwood, geranium & peppermint oils.

Can be used by those with sensitive skin.

Ingredients (Bee Sparkling):Saponified coconut and palm oils, purified water, saponified olive and castor oils, essential oil of lavender, rosemary tops oil, oatmeal, honey, bee pollen, propolis, vitamin E oil, rosemary oleoresin.

Ingredients (Bee's Garden):Saponified olive oil, distilled water, saponified coconut , castor & sunflower oils, saponifed beeswax, saponified shea butter, sweet orange essential oil, honey, vitamin E, sea buckthorn extract, marjoram herb, bee pollen, spearmint essential oil.

Ingredients (Bee Wonderful):Saponified olive oil, distilled water, saponified coconut and castor oils, saponified beeswax, honey, geranium essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, peppermint essential oil.