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Ode to Odin

Honeymoon Meadery proudly presents 'Ode to Odin', crafted from raw local honey harvested from our family's own bee hives, this Viking inspired mead was aged for 6 months in Whiskey Barrels. 

Get it while you can, this limited supply Mead is our all time bestseller!

Off-Dry (1) | 17% alc. / vol.

Pale gold in colour, the nose offers an abundance of oak and walnuts.  On the palate, a generous mouthfeel layers your mouth in creamy, nutty richness with lingering notes of hazelnut and honey.

Customer Reviews

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Randal from Vancouver
First time buyer

I bought a bottle of mead and a bottle of Ode to Odin as a gift for Xmas. None of us have ever tried it so I thought it would be a great surprise and it was. ode to Odin was opened Xmas Day for the family and we all loved it. I'm a huge fan of mead now.

Honeymoon Meadery

It is very good !

King Harald

My mother told me
Someday I would buy
Galleys with good oars
Sails to distant shores
Stand upon the prow
Noble barque I steer
Steady course to haven
Hew many foe
Hew many foe