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Classic Flavoured Honeys Bundle

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This classic bundle includes our 4 original flavoured honeys: lemon ginger, maple, lavender, and cinnamon.

Lemon Ginger - The balance between ginger and citrus goes great in tea, or save it for your next sore throat (if you can!)

Maple Honey - Creamy raw honey with natural maple makes the perfect topping to pancakes, french toast and waffles.

Lavender Honey - Honey infused with pure Lavender Essential Oil, blossoming with authentic Lavender flavour in a creamed texture.

Cinnamon Honey - Goes well just about anywhere - in coffee, on peanut butter toast, drizzled over yogurt & granola, or blended in smoothies.

Pure, raw Canadian Clover honey blended with flavorful natural ingredients to achieve delicious, memorable, buzz-worthy goodness.

All Planet Bee Honey is 100% Raw, Pure & Unpasteurized, full of natural vitamins and nutrients without any added sugars or harmful pesticides.