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Hive Healer Honey

Looking for the healthiest honey in the hive?  Take your honey game up a notch, and promote it from a sweetener to Superfood with our Hive Healer Honey!

Our most complete healing product combining all four hive products (Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Propolis and Raw Honey) Hive Healer Honey was the first 4-in-1 healing honey formulated and produced right here in the Okanagan - putting the benefits of the hive into one convenient jar!

Ingredients:Raw Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly & Bee Pollen.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jamie D
Good in tea

I use 1 full teaspoon of Hive Healer in my morning tea. Now the taste isn't as good as some honey at first because it has the yucky royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis in it. But you get used to it and the honey added does make it taste okay. Do something for your health to start the day and this is simple but you gotta have Hive Healer at the ready. So one 500 gram jar should last you at least a month if you use it every day. I do use a generous teaspoon. Since I bought again obviously I recommend Hive Healer to start your day right.

I love Hive Healer

Hive Healer is amazing, and I'm planning on sharing this jar with my friends so they can try it as well. I've tried other honey blends on the market, but nothing matches this one in freshness and potency.

Ess Kay
Asthmatic Allergies

I have had Asthmatic Allergies for some years and a friend suggested Hive Healer Honey. I thought it was worth a try so I rushed down to Planet Bee and purchased a jar. I was totally amazed! In just two days I could breathe easier, I had more energy and I hardly had to use my puffer and inhaler. What a relief! Since for years I had great difficulty breathing especially on windy days when the pollen were flying. Hive Healer Honey is definetly for me!

Incredible - Tasty and Healthy

This is a fantastic combination of the bee products. My family has had great results with Hive Healer Honey on asthma and bronchitis respiratory conditions. Our daughter has found excellent relief for her hay fever symptoms also.

Hive healer honey

I bought a 600g bottle of Hive Healer Honey from your farm in Jun during my Canada tour, then back home to Hong Kong, I used this product many time since then for my respiratory problem e.g. sore throat; running nose... It works excellent at the very early onset of the problem to prevent condition getting worse.