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This collection of four honeys are sure to satisfy all honey lovers in your hive - perfect added to tea or coffee, spread on toast, or enjoyed right off the spoon (we won't judge!)

Includes - 500g Okanagan Wildflower, 500g Planet Bee Creamed, 500g Cinnamon Honey & 500g Maple Honey.

All Planet Bee Honey is 100% Raw, Pure & Unpasteurized, full of natural vitamins and nutrients without any added sugars or harmful pesticides.

Okanagan Wildflower
Harvested with love from our very own beehives, this honey provides an authentic taste of the Okanagan Valley – where orchards, vineyards, and native flowers cover the hillsides.  Our ‘everyday favourite’, Okanagan Wildflower honey is versatile, medium bodied in flavour, and sure to satisfy! 

Planet Bee Creamed
All the delicious honey goodness without the risk of a drip or mess!  Our most popular creamed honey, the flavour is clean and sweet, plus it spreads smoothly and will never harden.

Cinnamon Honey
Pure High Quality Cinnamon blended in our creamy raw honey creates your new favourite breakfast companion!  Striking the perfect balance between sweet honey and spicy cinnamon. 

Maple Honey
Creamy raw honey with natural maple makes the perfect topping to pancakes, french toast and waffles.  Delicious as a glaze on salmon or added to coffee, you might just find yourself eating this one straight from the jar!

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