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To truly understand Honeydew Honey, you first need to learn a new definition of 'Honeydew' (and no, we aren't talking about the famous melons!)

Honeydew is a sweet and sticky liquid excreted by certain insects, usually aphids. Some of the excreted sap is collected by honey bees and used like nectar, creating Honeydew Honey.

Sometimes also referred to as Forest Honey, Honeydew Honey is lower in sugar and a rich source of essential minerals & amino acids!

The flavor is full-bodied, silky smooth and not overly sweet, with aromas of the woods (malty and earthy almost like root beer!).

Product of Saskatchewan

All Planet Bee Honey is 100% Raw, Pure & Unpasteurized, full of natural vitamins and nutrients without any added sugars or harmful pesticides.

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