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Immune Support Bundle

Give your body a boost of support from the hive with this collection of our immune enhancing products, featuring anti-oxidant rich honeys, bee propolis drops & more!

Bundle Includes - Propolis Throat Spray (30ml), Propolis Liquid (50ml), 150gr Hive Healer Honey, 150g Lemon Ginger Honey, 150g Buckwheat Blossom Honey and Immune Drops (50ml).

Propolis Throat Spray (Alcohol Based)
Packed in a convenient, travel-friendly spray bottle and loaded with Echinacea, Bee Propolis, and herbal supports for the throat and airways, our Propolis Throat Spray is ready to put the power of the hive in your hands! Ingredients: Echinacea Angustifolia and Purpurea (root & flower), Licorice, Usnea, Elecampane, Neem Leaf, Olive leaf, Prickly Ash, Propolis, Purified water, 28% alcohol.
Directions: Adults, take 4 sprays, up to 4 times daily in the mouth.

Propolis Liquid (Water Soluble)
Our best formula to date, this Propolis Liquid is locally-produced using only the purest, most potent Canadian Bee Propolis with powerful anti-oxidants and natural immune enhancers. This formula is quick-absorbing and water soluble for ease of use. Ingredients:Glycerine, Pure Canadian Bee Propolis (30%), Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, Ethanol (5%).
Directions: Adults - 10 drops, 3 times daily by mouth. 

Lemon Ginger Honey
This creamy, soothing honey contains all-natural lemon and ginger blended with Canadian clover honey. The balance between ginger and citrus goes great in tea, or save it for your next sore throat (if you can!)

Buckwheat Blossom Honey
The darkest honey produced in Canada, Buckwheat is a proven treatment for sore throats and coughs, with extra anti-oxidants and healthy vitamins.

Hive Healer Honey
Experience the benefits of our most complete healing product, Hive Healer Honey.  This raw honey's 4 ingredients (Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Propolis and Raw Honey) are shown to have synergistic properties - they are even more beneficial to us when taken in combination.  Ingredients: Raw Honey, Bee Propolis, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly.

Immune Drops (Alcohol Free)
Specially-formulated to harness the best immune support nature has to offer, our Immune Liquid is formulated with Astragalus, Vitamin C, Echinacea, and Propolis. Ingredients - Glycerine, water, astragalus, vitamin C, elderberry, echinacea, olive, marigold, ginger, oregano, bee propolis, turmeric, sunflower lecithin, xanthan gum.