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Natural Beeswax Candles

Locally made in the Okanagan Valley with 100% pure, natural beeswax - the healthiest candle you can burn!

Approx. Burn Times

  • Tea Light* - 4-5 hrs
  • Votive* - 15-16 hrs
  • Taper - 12-13 hrs
  • Pillar - 35-45 hrs

*Tea lights and votives should always be burned in a well-fitted glass / heat safe holder to prevent dripping and maximize burn time.

All candle wicks are 100% cotton and lead free, ensuring drip and smokeless burning which releases the naturally sweet honey aroma of pure beeswax.

Beeswax colour will vary depending on age and source location.
If natural bloom develops on the surface of your candle, gently warm with your hands, rub with cloth, or warm with low setting of a hair dryer.