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Cinnamon Honey

If there's more than one cinnamon fan in your house, you'll likely need to hide the jar...

Cinnamon Honey goes well just about anywhere - in coffee, on peanut butter toast, drizzled over yogurt & granola, or blended in smoothies.

If you enjoy baking, this honey offers so many possibilities in the kitchen as a substitute for sugar in your apple pie or crumble recipe or our energy bites

Pure, raw Canadian Clover honey blended with flavorful cinnamon powders from the world's best known regions.

All Planet Bee Honey is 100% Raw, Pure & Unpasteurized, full of natural vitamins and nutrients without any added sugars or harmful pesticides.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The best!

Picked up a jar of this when visiting my daughter and her family. This is seriously the best honey I have ever had and I usually buy raw honey locally. This honey I could eat by the spoonful! But I won’t. Lol.

Jamie D
Best Cinnamon honey

This is an excellent cinnamon honey. Good value. Great with tea.

Sariena McIntyre
Great for the tummy

My granddaughter, 4 years old loves the cinnamon and honey. Please read up on the benefits of cinnamon and honey for children and adults.

Love Cinnamon Honey!!

This honey is super delicious and creamy, the cinnamon is not overpowering either. Super pleasant and great as a spread or used in dessert cooking!

My favorite honey!

I have been a fan of the Cinnamon Honey for many years. I often visit the Okanagan to see friends and family and one day we went to Planet Bee as we were in the neighbourhood. While taste testing many of their honey options I discovered the Cinnamon one! It was the best thing I have every had! I bought a large jar of it right then and there and have been buying it ever since. Every time I visit the Okanagan I make a special stop to get the honey. I also order it online when a in-person visit isn't an option. It is so good on everything! I add it to PB sandwiches, toast, tea, coffee, desserts, yogurt, and occasionally I just eat a spoonful as it is for the pure enjoyment! If you are ever in the area it is a nice stop to make and their honey products are amazing!